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What is a Natural Deodorant?

What is a Natural Deodorant?

Sweat in itself is actually nearly odourless. It's when it interacts with the bacteria under our arm that it reacts and produces body odour. 

Conventional deodorant – so what’s the problem?

Pit Putty Natural Deodorant Explain:

Most of us would have worn an antiperspirant, found in every supermarket for as little as just a £1. Alcohol, preservatives, fragrance and aluminium chlorohydrate, in stick or spray form, projecting this mix onto our skins, and into our homes.

Aluminium works in deodorants by literally plugging the sweat glands and preventing them from producing sweat. It’s super-cheap and it works pretty damn well at stopping sweat.

However, pier reviewed publications have suggested that exposure to aluminium could have potentially negative health consequences, including an increased risk of breast cancer.


Deodorant vs Anti-Perspirant 

Sweating is a natural function of your body when you exercise or have a fever. Although we associate sweat with temperature control, sweat also has numerous other benefits such as helping clear your body of heavy metals, PCBs and BPAs.

'Antiperspirants' are aluminium based and use a gel-like substance to block your sweat ducts, preventing or at least reducing the amount of sweat your body produces. Over time our bodies can become accustomed to whichever antiperspirant we are using, so people are told to change them frequently to avoid becoming to immune to their sweat blocking properties.

'Deodorants' work by eradicating the odour causing bacteria. By killing the bacteria, your sweat has nothing to interact with and no odour is produced. Deodorant does not block pores to inhibit perspiration.

Sweat is your body’s in-built air conditioning unit, and is essential for good health. Your 4 million sweat glands enable you to maintain a safe body temperature and sends sodium (salt) back into the blood to maintain salinity in the body.


What can you find at The Store?

We sell a variety of natural deodorants that are all naturally anti-bacterial all working to combat body odour using natural ingredients that won't irritate the skin or be harsh on the planet. All considering both your health and the health of the planet in all they create. 



Rosanna Heasman
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What's so good about our Olive Oil?

What's so good about our Olive Oil?

Who are Honest Toil?

Honest Toil is a small project run by Tom & Juli. Based just south of Kyparissia, on the west coast of the Peloponnese, Greece, they bring extra virgin olive oil from their village here to the UK, Budapest, and Berlin. 

"The fact that we’re so hands-on also enables us to have sustainability at the core of the project. The olives used for our oil come exclusively from small family farms, and are hand-harvested using traditional methods, without unnecessary strain on the tree or the disruption of wildlife. The olives are pressed in the family-owned village press and the oil is packed locally. We prefer to sell the oil in bulk or refillable containers, and in Budapest & Berlin, we deliver everything by cargobike."


What makes it the best Olive Oil?

We’re determined to share an olive oil that’s exactly how it comes here in the village, fresh from the press; it’s completely unfiltered, so once pressed, it isn’t put through any additional processes. Everything is pressed the same day it’s picked and the oil has an acidity of between 0.2-0.3%, which is pretty impressively low. It’s also completely unblended: unlike most “extra virgin olive oil” found on supermarket shelves, it really is small-batch production, and isn’t mixed with inferior oils or oil from previous harvests… consequently it tastes ridiculously good. As it's unfiltered, the oil contains the sediment from olive skins and pips, giving it a great green opaqueness with a thick texture, and the raw, grassy result is pretty much the same thing the ancient Greeks would have consumed!

We’re determined to keep it simple, so just produce the one variety of olive, and the result is a properly cold-pressed, completely unblended and unfiltered extra virgin olive oil; it really is just raw squashed Koroneiki olives.


  • What does extra virgin mean?

    Extra virgin olive oil comes from the first pressing of the olives with no chemicals used to extract the oil
  • What does cold-pressed mean?

    The term Cold pressed means that the oil was not heated over 27 °C during its processing and has kept all nutrients and vitamins
  • Is olive oil good for you?

    Olive oil is the primary source of fat in the celebrated Mediterranean Diet. And it is quite surprising but various medical studies are proving that a frequent or better daily consumption of olive oil consequently leads to the reduction of the level of bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase of a good one (HDL). It is also proved that olive oil is extremely high in oleic acid which is used to reduce blood pressure. Olive oil is high in polyphenols which is a type of antioxidant that helps protect your cells from damage


What you can Find at The Store

We are proud to sell Honest Toil Olive Oil supporting real farmers farming sustainably. We sell the pure olive oil in 500ml bottles and also on tap for you to refill. Click here to purchase online from The Store!

Read more about Honest Toil here

Rosanna Heasman
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Supporting an Eco-Friendly Easter

Supporting an Eco-Friendly Easter

Small Ways to Support an Eco-Friendly Easter

'Demand for cocoa is fast rising and producers are struggling to keep pace particularly due to global warming. It can take an entire year for a cocoa tree to produce the cocoa needed to make just half a pound of chocolate. Cocoa farmers also usually clear tropical forests to plant new cocoa trees rather than reusing the same land, which has led to mass deforestation, which is bad news for climate change. Furthermore, overseas cocoa industries often rely on child labour and unethical practices that keep many families trapped in cycles of poverty.' - Rachel England (Do One Thing)


How to Choose an Easter Egg - Don't Worry. It's not all bad. 

There are in fact businesses who are ethically trading and supporting sustainable farming which can actually have beneficial impacts on the planet! So let's support those, and speak with our money this Easter. Conscious consuming does require some effort on our part, but here's a quick way to know what to look for thanks to Ethical Consumer 


  • Is it Organic? 

    Synthetic pesticides and herbicides threaten insect populations, contaminate water sources and can have ecosystem-wide knock-on effects
  • Is it Fairtrade?

     Many agricultural products are grown by overworked and underpaid workers. Look for Fairtrade to make sure that the person growing your chocolate is receives a fair wage and working conditions
  • Is it vegan?

     Much dairy is produced through intensive farming, which keeps animals in cramped conditions, and has high levels of emissions. Look for dairy-free to help protect the environmental and animal rights


What you can Find at The Store

We have a small selection of ethical easter chocolates for you to choose from, made by companies we're supporting like Montezuma, Cocoa Loco, Divine, Love Cocoa and Seed & Bean. All with fully recyclable or compostable packaging, all ethical businesses, most made in the UK, and all supporting sustainable farming!


Love Cocoa is another sustainable chocolate company that also works directly with farmers to make sure there are correct and ethical practices happening.

"We take great care in sourcing our chocolate, not just ensuring we are selecting the best tasting chocolate, but also making sure it is sourced in the most sustainable way.

We work with suppliers who guarantees cocoa farmers higher than the market price. Their integrated production value chain means directly trading with farmers, so there are no middlemen, resulting in fairer prices for the producers. They go further by working with farmers to improve the way they harvest their crop, from ensuring trees are replanted to monitoring the way the beans are fermented, ensuring the full aromas of chocolate are discovered.

The chocolate industry is dominated by many multinationals. We work with smaller family run business who have a long and respectful relationship with all members of the value chain." - Love Cocoa 


And I'm sorry to break it to you...Companies to avoid

Not only do Nestle score poorly on the ethical consumer table, they also received the worst rating for their management of workers' rights in its cocoa supply chain. Plus they got one of the worst ratings for palm oil. We would recommend also avoiding the below who scored very low when it comes to ethical chocolate companies and planet impact:

Cadbury's, Nestle, Creme Egg, Twirl, Green & Black's, Terry's, Aero, Kit Kat,  Smarties

Rosanna Heasman
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How Will Switching to Oat M*lk Help the Planet?

How Will Switching to Oat M*lk Help the Planet?

Why is Oat M*lk Better for the Planet?

Oat milk has the lowest environmental impact in comparison to the other major plant-based milk alternatives available on the market (e.g. soy and almond), due to its low water requirement.

Rosanna Heasman
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