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What is The Store?

Opened in Aug 2019 by Rosanna Heasman. Ro opened The Store as a sustainable business, aiming to have a positive impact on our local environment, community and economy. Realising we need to take urgent action towards building a better and more sustainable future, The Store opened as a way to help people reduce their everyday waste at home. 

The Store is a small, independent shop that focuses on doing business better. Business that better for people and better for the planet.

The Store sells a range of staple foods loose and in bulk, as well as offering refills on cleaning liquids and shower products. Buying loose saves countless amounts of unnecessary plastic packaging from being manufactured, thrown away and going to landfill, as well as giving us an opportunity to reuse what we have and refill!

The Store also stocks a range of eco-homeware and gifts from a range of Bedfordshire based businesses and makers to support our local economy.

Our Values 

Our food is purchased from wholesalers that work with ethical work practices. It’s important to The Store that the businesses we buy from are operating with ethical and environmental values, considering their impact on the planet and its people. We look into the companies behind the products, how they operate, and extensively look into how they make, sell, deliver and ship their products. Challenging businesses to work better, and unapologetically only working with businesses that we believe are more about making a positive impact than profitable products.


Buying locally made products is at the very core of our business. With lower importation emissions, transportation costs/energy and packaging used, buying local is often the greenest way of shopping. Supporting our local growers, makers and manufacturers also means putting money back into our local towns which builds a more overall sustainable economy. 


Sustainability can mean a variety of things and be executed in many ways. From sustainable working practices to sustainable growth. We boil it down to: Is the making of this product meeting current needs whilst bearing in mind the needs of future generations? Are we planting as much as we’re harvesting? If we’re constantly exhausting our land of its resources and materials without planting and giving back, what will be left for future generations? Let us be the example for the generations to follow, towards a more sustainable future.