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Zero Waste

Zero Waste Movement

A modern term that refers to a way of life that is more conscious, sustainable and one that wastes as little as possible. From packaging and wrappers to food and water. 

The term ‘Zero Waste’ is itself too ambitious, meant more as a goal than a literal term, so don't let it put you off joining in the movement! In order to save the planet, we need everyone to play their part in making changes, and to adopt the mindset in some form of their lives. 

"We don’t need 1 person wasting nothing perfectly, we need a million people wasting less imperfectly."

The zero waste movement can apply into all areas of our life and thinking, however one practical way we can start reducing our waste is through buying less single-use packaging and starting to refill over buying new.

By refilling food products, cleaning products and liquids we can reduce huge amounts of unnecessary packaging that’s being created, made, transported, sold and then thrown away. There's a high amount of energy and cost that goes into the design of packaging, the materials required, the equipment used and the manufacturing process, all to just be quickly thrown away after purchase. 


How it Works 

Bring your own empty containers, bags, ziplocks, jars whatever you’d like, and fill them up with food, or help yourself to use a paper bag in store. We also take donations of clean jars, that we sanitise in store ready to be reused freely for customers. By reusing existing containers, bags and jars we're saving the purchase of new materials and increasing the lifespan of products already in existence. 

By refilling those containers, we're creating a more sustainable process that eliminates the need for the creation of single-use plastic packaging. The more we adopt this method, the greater chance we have of reducing how much we waste.