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Bedford's first ZERO WASTE Store

Purpose Over Profits

The purpose of the store is not to sell more but to sell less, we believe making small changes can make a big difference to this planet we call home

First Time?

As we're a refill store, we put a lot of emphasis on customers bringing their empty jars, bags and containers to reuse and refill to help eliminate single-use packaging waste.

If you don't know what to bring, don't worry as we have always have a range of free recycled jars you can use, as well as paper bags to fill too.

Any containers or bags you do bring will be weighed on our scales before and after you fill them to calculate the weight of what's inside. (Don't worry, we have a fancy scale and printer that works all that out, all you need to do is print the stickers!)

What do you sell?

We sell a variety of food pantry staples such as rice, pastas, cereals and nuts, to household cleaning products and shower items. We also sell household products and gifts to help you become more eco-friendly at home. Click the link below to view our online store.

How does it work?

It's simple! Weigh your empty containers on our automatic scales, fill them up with the product of your choice, and then weigh them again. Bring your trolley or basket to the till where we'll scan all your items as normal and process the payment.

Don't worry - we're on hand if you need any help!