Wooden Hill Coffee Beans
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Wooden Hill Coffee Beans

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About The Product

Bedfordshire's famous Wooden Hill roasted coffee beans. Delivered every week to The Store, ensuring you can always buy freshly roasted coffee. Fairtrade and 100 percent Arabica, carefully hand roasted to the same degree of perfection time and time again. You can feel confident choosing a coffee that has been carefully selected, lovingly roasted and packaged in the greenest way possible.

Click & Collect

You can choose to order our coffee as beans or as ground, and we will freshly grind the coffee ourselves in store for you.

Coffee Beans

We sell a selection of coffee beans to purchase in our gravity dispensers. 

Medium Roast House Blend Coffee Beans

The medium roast beans are a special blend of Brazilian, Colombian, Costa Rican and Honduran beans. 

Medium Roast House Blend Decaf Coffee

The decaf beans have been decaffeinated using the friendlier Swiss Water Process, 100% Chemical free decaffeination. 

Single Origin Coffee Beans (BRAZIL)

The medium roast single origin coffee is are our popular Brazilian beans. 


Meet the Maker

For more information about our chosen coffee supplier, you can visit their website by clicking here

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