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Mineral vs Chemical Sunscreen - How to choose?

Mineral vs Chemical Sunscreen - How to choose?

It's hard to enjoy a beautiful day in the sunshine without making sure you're covered in suncream, or risk paying that burnt skin price for days after. 

But. What if the very product used to protect us from the sun, is also harming us and harming our planet? 

Growing up, I just assumed that if something was sold to protect me, then it must be good. At some point in my early twenties I realised how wrong that was and how many large companies used marketing, branding and messaging to often deceive us. 

Chemical Sunscreen vs Mineral Sunscreen

Mineral suncream uses zinc oxide & titanium dioxide that sit on the surface of the skin to physically prevent UV rays from penetrating the skin. Chemical suncreams allow UV light into the skin. Once absorbed into the skin, the chemicals* in the suncream creates a chemical reaction in which UV light is converted into heat, heat that then dissipates out fo the skin. 

Some of the chemicals listed in many common suncreams have been banned in many tourist spots such as Hawaii as it's been found to be bleaching/damaging coral reefs. There's also research to now suggest that these chemicals are entering our bloodstreams and causes reactions in our body causing negative health effects. 

Damage to Health 

Two of the most common concerns are hormone disruption and skin allergies. For example Oxybenzone, which is possibly the most common active ingredient in sunscreen, is now known for concerns focussed on hormone disruption, particularly decreases in testosterone in men, as well as skin allergies. Oxybenzone (the chemical everyone loves to hate) has also been found in breast milk suggesting that not only is it sinking into the bloodstream, but it is also being passed on to infants. 



Now selling Sett sunscreen at The Store in 100ml aluminium bottles. Rubs in clear to the skin without the normal white residue you can find in mineral sunscreens. 

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